Cre8work was established on the 23rd of November 2009 with Ricardo Gaspar at the helm. Ricardo has been in the labour industry for over 35 years.  Our HR Manager has been in Labour Law for over 20 years, our Recruitment manager has over 30 years of experience and the rest of our Cre8work team has over 30 years’ experience in their respective fields.

Our team have been making our way through the South African labour industry to ensure compliancy in companies through South Africa, from recruitment right through to Health & safety, but not limited to these services. Cre8work prides ourselves in forming solid relationships with our valued clients and being an important extension of their business. Customer retention is a must as well as being fair in all aspects of your company.

We build our brand on our core values being, Quality, Quantity, Time Keeping, Absenteeism and Attitude. This is very important as any business may fail without one of these working. Added to this we have the 3 “E”s, Effort, Enthusiasm and Energy. We are a dynamic team & “out of the box” thinkers.


Based in the heart of Edenvale, Johannesburg, Cre8work is on a mission to transform the companies in South Africa to think differently about the way business is conducted with regards to legislative compliancy. Cre8work provides the most cost-effective compliant, outcomes-based HR and staffing solutions. This ensures that our customers focus on their core business – and we focus on what we are experts in.


Cre8work assures you of the highest quality, effective solutions for legislative compliancy, in HR outsourcing, outsourcing Payroll, Health and Safety compliancy and so much more to ensure your company runs productively with minimum bottom-line loss.


We aim to be an extension of your business – with your business goals in mind.


We have a comprehensive range of services that we offer – but not limited to this.


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To transform the way companies in South Africa conduct their business by providing the most cost effective, compliant, out-comes based HR & staffing solutions. This will ensure that our       customers focus on their core business.


We provide the highest quality, effective solutions to all companies, no matter what the size. We aim to be an extension of your business.




Time Keeping 




Accreditations and Registrations:

Department of Labour (Registration as a private employment office in anticipation of amendments to the new LRA)

NBCRFI – National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry

MEIBC – Metal Engineering Industry Bargaining Council

Workmen’s Compensation – we have a current letter of good standing

UIF – we have a current letter of good standing

SARS – we have a current letter of good standing

MIBCO – Motor Industry Bargaining Council


Benefits of using Cre8work:

  • Dedicated and trained staff

  • Staff known to the management of our company

  • Staff with varying levels of experience and competence

  • Access to labour experts

  • Integrity with regards to the management of labour costs

  • No hidden costs

  • Outcome Based

  • 100% statutory compliance by our company

  • 100% transparency in that our clients have access to all records

  • No disciplinary issues

  • No need for a client to attend conciliation and arbitration proceedings (No CCMA as we outsource only our own staff)

  • Competitive rates

  • Superior levels of productivity

Areas of Specialization

Due to continuously-changing regulations with respect to casual labour, seeking the expertise of Cre8work will result in a smooth and hassle-free solution. We keep abreast of changes to the Labour Relations Act and partner with the brightest minds in the industry so as to maintain our intellectual advantage. By virtue of our commitment to uplifting our staff through mentoring, Cre8work has been able to secure the services of qualified staff for the following functions:

  • Boiler Makers, welders, mechanics, technicians,

  • Project Engineers, Draughtsman, Design Engineers and Planners

  • Production, Maintenance and Process Managers

  • Procurement Personnel

  • Quality Controllers

  • Financial, Sales, IT and Administration staff

  • Service department personnel

  • Truck drivers, Rigid and Articulated and Forklift drivers

  • General workers, Pickers and Packers

  • Merchandisers and Cashiers

Cre8work takes tremendous pride in the services it offers and is committed to always going the extra mile in terms of service delivery. We set out not to meet customer expectations, but to exceed customer expectations. At the end of the day, clients of Cre8work can expect professionalism and reliability with the necessary credentials and experience to provide a seamless labour service.